JCB Filters

JCB filters are designed to work in conjunction with JCB fluids in JCB engines and component systems, to provide the highest standards of cleanliness and performance, providing a comprehensive machine protection solution.

Designed for protecting and maintaining the cleanliness of your system JCB filters ensure:

  • That your JCB filter is thoroughly tested for use in your JCB machine

  • Optimum flow and system efficiency

  • Maximized engine performance and therefore reduced running costs

  • Compliance with emissions legislation

  • Protection from hydraulic, transmission and engine failure due to system contamination

Why buy JCB Fuel and Oil Filters?

This short film shows the importance of buying genuine JCB Fuel and Oil filters. It also illustrates the pitfalls and serious consequences of using non-genuine Fuel and Oil filters described as ‘Will fit’ JCB.